Rachel Shenton

Had my ass kicked this weekend @MotivateBCamp #highly recommend it

Keeley Bennett

Actually had the best weekend away! I’m absolutely knackered! Everything aches, but I have had so much fun and so many laughs!!! Came home to a very clingy Florence who so far hasn’t left my side, even to go to the loo! Don’t think she’s letting me out of her sight again.

Georgia Worsley

Bootcamp was so hard but so good. Feel like it’s worked. Motivate Bootcamp has motivated me!!

Nicole Evans

Driving home from Motivate Bootcamp. Thanks to the brilliant Steve for a great but exhausting weekend. Dreading having to get out of this car seat!

Serena Lavin

What a great weekend ache like mad but loved it cheers Motivate Bootcamp sure I’m nearly a size 6 lol

Rachel Taggart

Just want to say a massive thanks to the two Steves for a fantastic experience… We had a great weather in a beautiful location. It was intense & pushes you to your limits but can honestly say you feel sore but amazing for taking part. We had a great group of people to share our experience with too.. so if you need a challenge, want to try lots of different types of exercise & like the great outdoors get yourself booked onto a Motivate Bootcamp session!!

Kirsty Graham

Home from Motivate Bootcamp, has a great time. Totally shattered but busy making my healthy clean meals for the week?!

Kerry Mdsin

Well it’s all finally over, 3 days at Motivate Bootcamp has been an experience I will never forget. Met some lovely people, I’ve had my high & low points, but I’ve smashed it!

Lucy Buffrey

We made it! Boot camp completed, smiley faces all round!

Josie Martin

Had a wonderful time at bootcamp… I weight myself tonight and lost 2 and a half lbs over the weekend. It sometimes takes me a week to loose that. Big thanks to everyone you all made the weekend special.

Sam Simpson

Motivate Bootcamp completed! What a challenge!! Onward and forward girls to the next challenge for all of us. Knackered but feeling good and very proud of our achievements 🙂

Anita Bowden

Had a great weekend at bootcamp – beautiful location, fabulous fellow bootcampers and a great trainer. Walks, interval training on hills, circuits, abs training, boxing, zumba and pilates, plus a fantastic stretching session and sports massage to ease off seriously aching muscles. Also been promised a bargain discounted price if anyone wants to join me for another weekend later in the year – I definitely recommend it

Gemma Pyatt

Just about recovered from my Motivate Bootcamp weekend. 17 classes, 8000 calories burned and a barrel of laughs.

April Dracup

Was a little nervous about the boot camp, with being out of shape and suffering with a bad knee but had a fantastic time: very friendly and motivating trainers, who push you to your own limits, lovely location with amazing views, great snacks and meals plus well organised and varied classes! Very enjoyable, will definitely go again and i recommend it to everyone no matter what your fitness level! The motivation certainly continues after the boot camp ends.

Lisa Elliot

Bootcamp taught me I am capable of much more than I thought. Staff are incredibly supportive and great at motivating you to keep going when you want to stop. Can’t wait for the next one!

Gordon & Beth Pyrah

Had a great weekend. The sessions were spot on and varied. The instructors were good. The venue was good with amazing views. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of doing a boot camp.

Carol Richards

I wasn’t able to give 100% because of my cold but I enjoyed what I could do. I loved the box fit and the circuit training was better than expected. I am looking into classes for these and my diet has certainly been better since I got back home. Thanks for a great time and look forward to another one. I aim to give my all next time!! Again thanks to both Steve’s for your support.

Lisa Reid

Was a little hesitant as been to one before with a different company. However this one was Great fun and well organised with lots of variety from Zumba to boxing. Loved it, legs didn’t! Ha. Venue was fantastic with great views and even the dinner was impressive. Trainers were great too, definitely recommend.

Lisa Wheatley

If you’re looking for an unpretentious, budget bootcamp then I highly recommend Motivate. The team are fantastic, the exercise is varied and fun and the scenery is beautiful. Steve, Becky and Steve will get the best from you through encouragement rather than shouting at you and inspire you to continue working hard when you get home. Every muscle you have will ache by the time you get home but I guarantee you will have a smile on your face. Thank you for a fantastic weekend team Motivate!

Nikki Shore

Well, what can I say? I went to motivate bootcamp on the weekend of 17th to 19th January 2014 at the request of my aunty. I can say that I absolutely loved it. The team were fantastic, the exercises were fantastic and the nutritional advice was brill too. I loved the whole weekend. It was a real eye opener. The accommodation and surroundings were excellent too. I would not hesitate it recommending this to anyone!! 🙂

Dawn Hales

Had a really great weekend! It was time for me away from everything and everyone else. Thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes, challenging myself and pushing myself to new limits! Would love to do it again! Met some fantastic people and made some great friends. Thank you.

Louise Watson

A tough weekend but one which challenged me in the right way. I felt encouraged and supported throughout and have made real changes to the way i think about food and exercise. Can’t wait to do it again.

Sarah Rance

I really enjoyed Bootcamp – I was challenged and surprised myself in what I could do considering I’d done no exercise. I’ve continued with the changes to my diet and taking more exercise and I feel so much better for it. I would definitely book another boot camp. Thank you for all your help and advice.

Linzi Reid

If you’ve seen adverts for boot camps and expect to be shouted at by ex army types – motivate bootcamp is nothing like it. Motivate is exactly what they do and the variety of exercise just makes you want to carry on when you get home. If you also think you have to be super fit and in your twenties – again think again, I am an overweight 50yr old and I had a ball and was amazed how much I could do with trainers who encouraged you all the way. I will definitely go back and this time take all my friends. (When I can walk again of course!)

Kelly Bailey

Motivate Bootcamp kept us Inspired and kept the group focused. The instructors are really lovely and friendly and would recommend there bootcamps to everyone, from unfit to mega fit!