Personal Training

We provide two different forms of Personal Training:

Individual or small group training for those who would like to train with a friend(s) (Need to be based within Staffordshire) – we can train you at home, work, or any open space convenient to you. Includes one on one or group sessions, dietary and lifestyle analysis, plus full support

Online training through email/skype/phone – includes weekly home programmes, dietary analysis, 24/7 support network, plus video/phone chats to keep you on track with your new lifestyle change

Both options offer a completely personal approach, and are here to help you to reach your goals and change your lifestyle


Let us help you:
– Assess your physical condition and track changes – Set goals – Discover motivation – Increase lean muscle, reduce fat & tone your body – Increase endurance – Improve posture, flexibility – Increase mental alertness & self-confidence – Enhance your appearance – Reduce Stress – Increase energy levels – Improve your eating habits – Improve your health

It will be highly motivational, goal specific, and more importantly FUN!

For prices, to discuss your requirements, and a free consultation, please contact us.